Scaresoul – Game hành động hấp dẫn cho android

– Tên games: Scaresoul

– Hãng sản xuất:

– Thể loại: Hành động

– Giá bán trên google play: miễn phí

– Dung lượng tải về: 32.21Mb

– Download tại đây: Click vào hình để download

– Mô tả: Google play

“Did you hear the monsters howling last night?”
“He’s probably out there massacring them. Scaresoul.”

Fantastical beasts have been attacking people in the dead of night.
Covered with fear, rumors of a mysterious person in the modest town begin to spread. A man who slaughters fiends wholesale and devours their souls.

Is he their savior? Or a demon himself?

Unsure, the frightened townsfolk have given him a name. Scaresoul.

3D action with a simple interface and rich graphics!
Introducing ScareSoul!
A free game available on GREE!
Stylish timing-based battles on your smartphone!

– Battle swarms of enemies!
– Quickly switch weapons to form powerful AC Combos (Arms Change)!
– Ultra-slow motion Critical Chances!
– Unleash spectacular Soul Bursts to vanquish your foes!
– Gather the souls of your enemies to upgrade your equipment and skills!

Customize your character and equipment!
– Use gathered souls and items to strengthen your weapons!
– Give your equipment special abilities with gems to make them even stronger!
– Combine different skills to create your own personal style!

[About Logins]
– SCARESOUL requires a valid account and login with GREE.
– This application can be downloaded for free through GREE.
– This game communicates with our servers. Connection times may vary.

Android OS 2.2 or higher (Recommended 2.3 or higher)
– Hướng dẫn: 

+ Download 1 file duy nhất, giải nén và copy file sau khi giải nén vào thẻ nhớ và dùng nó để cài game. Play thôi, game nhẹ không cần tải thêm data.


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