Finger Army 1942 – Game hành động [ Android Game ]

Finger Army 1942
– Tên games: Finger Army 1942

– Hãng sản xuất:

– Thể loại: hành động

– Giá bán trên google play: 0.85USD

– Dung lượng tải về:

– Download tại đây: Click vào hình để download

– Mô tả: Google play

Sharpen those reflexes, crack your knuckles and ready your fingers! Grown using clippings from our own creative fingers, the Tin Planet lab brings to you an Army of giant mutant fingers. Yes folks, one frenzied finger wave after another, this formidable foe continues to attack your very own shores and the challenge is yours to stop them!

Finger Army 1942 is a beautifully crafted, light hearted version the family favourite Whack’a’Mole and features the same fast, furious and finger numbing action as the original but with so much more…
Increase your rank and unlock new enemy fingers as you progress through the levels taking care to avoid medics and the cowardly ‘yella belly’ soldiers waving the white flag of surrender. Crack open tins of every good soldier’s staple diet, Bully Beef, for extra bonus points. Steal enemy supply drops to replenish your health and take out ‘Ham’, the field radio op for extra time. Look out for the ‘Big G’, the highly prized General of the Finger Army and be sure to catch his hat for the Finger Frenzy bonus! Remember, these fingers fight back; keep your eyes peeled for the cannon wielding ‘Treadhead’ and his bigger brother and hammer them down before they take you out.
Key Features:
• Stunning Graphics
• Competitive fun for all ages
• Simple single tap game play
• Game play feedback and bonus awards
• Unlock new enemy characters
• Helps with coordination, reflexes and fast thinking.
– Hướng dẫn:
+ Download 1 file duy nhất Finger army 1942.rar, giải nén xuất hiện thư mục cùng tên
+ Copy file Finger army 1942.apk vào thẻ nhớ và dùng nó để cài game
+ Play thôi. Game nhẹ không cần data


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