Race, Stunt, Fight 2 – Game hành động – đua xe cho android

Race, Stunt, Fight 2!

– Tên games: Race, Stunt, Fight 2

– Hãng sản xuất: Adrenaline Crew

– Thể loại: Đua xe – Hành động

– Giá bán trên google play: 1.99USD

– Dung lượng tải về: 35Mb

– Download tại đây: click vào hình để download

– Mô tả: Google play

This is the paid version which has all levels unlocked, all riders and weapons unlocked and no ads!

Based off the characters of the platinum selling DVD series “Adrenaline Crew” choose any number of Street Bikers, Chopper riders of Police Officers as you gain points by knocking the other riders off and gaining bonuses by performing death defying stunts.
Choose your rider’s statistics, unlock new characters as well as pick your weapons to even the score. Choose from a chainsaw, shotgun even a flamethrower as you wheelie your way down the road. Your choice of a street bike stunter, a Harley rider or even a cop. Over 50 moves, 10 weapons and countless tracks!
Each level contains many power up items, unlike the last game this one has a blue bar under your health, fill that up and let your weapon unleash on the enemies!

– Hướng dẫn:

+ Download 1 file duy nhất: Race, Stunt, Fight 2! v1.11.rar

+ Giải nén xuất hiện thư mục cùng tên, copy file Race, Stunt, Fight 2! v1.11.apk vào thẻ nhớ và dùng nó để cài game

+ Play thôi


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